Bhakhar Tradelink Pvt Ltd

    • “To provide satisfaction to people by serving best quality and thereby be different from others through constant innovation and creativity.”

    • Quality
    • Innovation & Creativity
    • Honesty
    • Speed
    • Satisfaction
  1. BHAG
    • “ To be A 46080/- Cr Rs. Diversified group By 2022”

    • There will be Celebration in BHAKHAR TRADELINK when we achieve our BHAG
    • In future, BHAKHAR TRADELINK’s image will be of an innovative company in the whole world and all the staff member will always be ready to increase that image
    • We will change the thinking of all the individuals who are associated and also not associated with us. We will give a better way and reason to live a life to everyone.
    • We will provide a part of our company’s profit for the benefit of people who live in our country and to improve our political system. We will help our country to achieve first rank in the whole world.

It is the core company initiated by Shri. . GHANSHYAM G. BHAKHAR In the year 2002 has been erected upon four pillars which are Honesty, Quality, speed & Innovation / creativity. and it is for this reason we have reached the present height in such a short span of time.

Image of BHAKHAR TRADELINK in the Market is that of an Innovation Enterprise which we need to maintain and even raise in future.

We would like to reach to the height which is yet unimaginable by others. But it is not possible by the work of a single person, rather requires a Team Work of our staff member, Customers, Suppliers & the community. We want to be the reason of good lifestyle of the people connected and not connected with us. And for that reason we would like to contribute a part of our profit for uplifting the name of our country.

We dream to see this country which was once a Golden Bird flying again with its Golden Wings.

Since its inscription it has believed in innovation and modernization, and this very notion has made it possible for us to come up with things which are need of today. Through our very effective research & Development Team we get to study the upcoming needs of the market. And our sole purpose is to fulfil the needs of the market as soon as possible.

To keep going in this 21“ century one needs to ”Know what the world is doing, what it wants, the direction it is going and pay attention to how your company fits into those trends, and success will be all yours.“

We here are always ready to work hard and take up the journey of challenges, victories, lessons and changes. Once entering into our premise you become the part of BHAKHAR TRADELINK family and this bond grows stronger with every passing day.

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Future BHAG
  1. 2032 year
  2. 2042 year
  3. 2052 year
  4. 2062 year
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